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Matthew Webster

East Coast Bays

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Matthew Webster is the New Conservative candidate for East Coast Bays.

Matthew is married to Lin Li, and they will soon celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary. They have one daughter and two sons and have lived in North Auckland since 2004.

Matthew was born in New Zealand but grew up in Botswana, and later the UK, before coming back to New Zealand to complete his education. He gained a B.Sc., majoring in Physics and Maths, and has worked in the telecommunications industry since 1995 for major global technology companies: Vodafone, Ericsson, NEC, and over the last 16 years, Nokia, delivering technical consultancy expertise to customers on every continent. Over the last six years, Matthew has transitioned to global technology sales in Data Science, AI, and the Big Data sector.

Outside of his professional role, Matthew has lobbied intensively over the last ten years as part of a political cross-spectrum group of New Zealanders who are concerned with the increasing unaffordability of housing. Matthew argues that while the causes can be found both on the left and the right of the political spectrum — on the left through the United Nations Agenda 21 programme, and on the right through a reluctance to see any drop in property values — he believes the root problem is really a lack of education on urban economics and a holistic understanding of how people travel and the homes they prefer. Fixing this will enhance the environment and re-balance household wealth away from unproductive assets like land banking and towards the small business and startup sector—where New Zealanders are looking for more investment capital.

Matthew is also concerned by the increasing disregard for human life, and the examples he gives include the intent to legalise harmful drugs and the decriminalisation of abortion, euthanasia and prostitution. To him, these are all related to this issue. Matthew also opposed the anti-smacking legislation that was introduced in 2007. He has made submissions to Parliament on all of the bills related to the above subjects.

Matthew supports New Conservative’s policies to change the trajectory of New Zealand’s laws, and to show there is a better way. Matthew believes that all New Zealanders should have a voice on important social issues by expressing their views through legally binding citizens’ initiated referenda.

East Coast Bays voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Matthew Webster.