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Mike Brewer is the New Conservative candidate for North Shore.

Mike is a family man with three adult children and one teenager. His wife of 33 years has been a constant supporter and has encouraged him to take on ambitious roles, but nothing quite like standing as a political candidate.

He has enjoyed a four-decade career in a variety of sectors, including 20 years in media. He has excelled in sales, management, as a Chief Executive, and more recently in a self-employed capacity.

He acknowledges a foray into politics is a daunting task: “Political power seems to attract some of the worst, and to corrupt some of the best,” he says. “We don’t need to look far to see how bad ideas impact communities. History is littered with examples. And people keep trying ideas that have proven to be disastrous — none more so than extreme socialism.”

Mike has a strong belief in individual responsibility, personal freedom and the need to fight for democracy and traditional ideas that have stood the test of time. He also believes in our kiwi way of life, giving everyone a fair go, and encouraging a generous spirit through incentive and encouragement, not taxation and compulsion.

“As a nation, we have seen parties and people dictating policies to the average kiwi that are out of step with our values, and counter to common sense. An example was the abortion act. The timing was cynical — it was while the nation was distracted by the pending lockdown.”

Mike regards the Abortion Legislation Act 2020 to be one of the most draconian bills passed into law anywhere in the world. The media seemed to be asleep at the wheel, and the public were not told about the provisions in the bill, nor the fact that good amendments were voted down. Add to that the push for legalising recreational cannabis use, and euthanasia, and we see an assault on the unborn, the vulnerable and the elderly — the very people we should be protecting.

North Shore voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Mike Brewer.