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Mote Pahulu is the New Conservative candidate for Manurewa.

Mote is married with four adult children who were born and raised in Manurewa. He is of Tongan descent, and attends a local Methodist Church, a church community with people of many different ethnic backgrounds.

He has a degree in Criminology and Political Studies. His career was formerly in finance. His time is now split between his current role as a Member of the Auckland District Licensing Committee and being a father, husband, grandfather and leader within his extended New Zealand whanau.

Mote serves his community in several ways. He is a local Justice of the Peace, and he volunteers at the local Citizens Advice Bureau, Friendship House, and District Court. He has previously been on the Board of Trustees of several local schools, including James Cook High School, Alfriston College, Manurewa East Primary School and Wesley College.

“I understand the heartbeat of the Manurewa electorate and the issues that it faces. For a long time, it has been a Labour stronghold. But the constituents have seen and heard very little from their representatives in parliament. And unfortunately, in election after election, Manurewa voters have repeatedly chosen the status quo. Through voting, they have expected better community outcomes, but in my view, they have wasted their time choosing Labour. This year, New Conservative offers an alternative for Manurewa voters, and I am proud to promote New Conservative and proud to be the candidate for Manurewa.”

Mote is disappointed with the erosion of family values in New Zealand, due in part to the social and economic policies of successive governments which have torn at our social fabric. Mote feels New Conservative has policies that champion family values that are important for New Zealanders living today, and for future generations.

Mote believes New Conservative’s policies would benefit all New Zealanders, regardless of their age, and he sees the policies as being particularly family friendly. Some of his favourite policies include: tax exemptions for the first $20k of earnings, the value that all life matters from the womb to the tomb, the preservation of the traditional definition of marriage, saying nope to dope, saying no to gender ideology at schools, and 3-stage sentencing.

Manurewa voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Mote Pahulu.