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Murray Chong is the New Conservative candidate for New Plymouth.

Murray has a strong connection to the Taranaki region. His surname comes from his Chinese great grandfather Chew Chong, regarded today as the founder of the New Zealand dairy industry because he was the first kiwi to successfully export dairy products. Chew did a lot for his community and was elected by local Maori as an Ahupiri (regional chief). After World War I, Murray’s grandfather Gerald Chong was the most decorated soldier in the Chinese battalion. Murray’s father Brian Chong was a successful architect, and a recipient of the Taranaki Citizens’ Award.

Murray is the proud father of one daughter.

He has served his local community in many ways through involvement in ski clubs, surf lifesaving, a regional ambulance service, and a rescue helicopter service. He has been a District Councillor for more than seven years, and owns a successful business in financial services.

Murray stood for New Zealand First in 2017, but felt let down by the coalition government that formed after the election. That government has gone on to repeatedly ignore the will of the people. So he is now standing for New Conservative. Murray believes New Conservative represents tried and true values and doing what works.

As a candidate, he will support industries that provide jobs. He will also do his bit in defending life, free speech, private property rights, and individual freedom regardless of race, gender or religion.

He strongly supports New Conservative’s commitment to safeguarding democracy through Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda (BCIR).

Murray believes many political candidates are either socialist or socialist-leaning, pushing for counterproductive policies that encourage state dependence and separatism. But New Zealand is a country of opportunities, and we are supposed to be one people who belong to one nation.

The Chinese who came to New Zealand in the nineteenth century faced discrimination, but Murray does not let that hold him back today. He works hard, is self-reliant, and is in charge of his own life, just as anyone else can be.

The Taranaki region is among the highest contributors to New Zealand’s GDP, but in recent years it has received the least amount of government investment per capita. Beyond the obvious reasons for that, New Plymouth only has one MP in parliament, and they are a list MP.

So if you want two New Plymouth MPs in parliament this time around, give your party vote to New Conservative and your electorate vote to Murray Chong.