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Nick McMinn-Collard is the New Conservative candidate for Tukituki.

Nick has spent a large part of his life in the Tukituki area. He went through primary and high school in Havelock North. After finishing school, he carried out an automotive and heavy equipment apprenticeship in Hastings.

He now lives in Hastings with his wife Lilias and their two children and operates a successful engineering business in Havelock North with his brother Allan. He is also part of the Equippers Church community in Frimley, and for years, he has volunteered his time and help in many ways locally.

He has always had an interest in outdoor and off-road pursuits, such as hunting, tramping and 4-wheel driving.

It was while volunteering at sea as an engineer on the M/V Island Mercy hospital ship that he met his future wife Lilias, who also grew up in Hawke’s Bay.

Over time, he has developed a real interest in politics, and recently he has been overly concerned about the current government’s rushed legislative changes. They are eroding freedom and endangering the value of life. The government has ignored many submissions, and very few members of parliament have been willing or able to raise this issue in any significant way.

Nick’s decision to be a part of the New Conservative team was motivated first by watching Party Leader Leighton Baker on his Facebook live streams during lockdown. He was impressed with Leighton’s common sense and pragmatic approach and was interested enough to seek out the party’s policies. He discovered the policies to be pro-New Zealand, pro-life, pro-family, and pro-business.

“In the past, I’ve voted for the party in parliament that I thought was the least bad. But now, I have found a party I can fully support. So, I will be doing all I can during this campaign to get as many New Conservative MPs into parliament as possible, and I’m asking for your help by asking that you give your vote to New Conservative.”

For Nick, campaigning for the party has been an easy step, because it is already made up of people who hold the same values as him. His fellow candidates are all concerned about the future of our great country and nation. Many candidates are business owners and front line workers who understand the real world.

Nick promises that when Tukituki votes for Nick and for New Conservative, they will be voting for a candidate and a party that will stand up for businesses, vulnerable New Zealanders and family values.

Tukituki voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Nick McMinn-Collard.