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Norman Sutton is the New Conservative candidate for Epsom.

Norman and his wife have been married for 48 years and have two children and five grandchildren.

Norman’s working life began in farming, then insurance, marketing, construction, and community work. He has always had a strong interest in contributing to the greater good of our society by striving to help build stronger communities.

Norman is an ideas person, and likes to encourage others to discuss ways people can collectively achieve lasting positive outcomes. He believes our current political system is underachieving. It also seems to be living up to the definition of insanity, which is to do the same things over and over again (even when they are not working) and to expect different outcomes.

This is why Norman is attracted to national-level politics—he has a strong desire to help implement solutions that make New Zealand reach the great potential that it no doubt has.

Norman is particularly attracted to New Conservative, because it is more of a people movement than a political party, and is made up of like-minded practitioners. The thinking of New Conservative contrasts with that of political theorists who too often are driven by agendas that seek to socially re-engineer society. To Norman, the outcomes of those theorists do not appear to be positive — in many cases they are detrimental to society.

He argues that in order to achieve positive outcomes, we need to apply fresh thinking to our current governance structures and ensure that we have real democracy (which means free speech and robust debate), so we have hope for our future — for us, for our children and for our grandchildren.

Norman also believes a lot of Kiwis are more conservative than many may assume, and much more than the mainstream media is prepared to acknowledge, and this sector of society is underrepresented in Parliament. Our country is built on a heritage of Christian values and moral philosophy, and these foundations need to be protected.

In contrast, it appears many traditional politicians are more interested in representing their own liberal — or even far left — positions on behalf of small vested interest groups, and are often unwilling to listen to or even acknowledge the silent majority.

These are the reasons why why Norman is standing for New Conservative. We need to change our way of doing things in order to move forward as one people and build a strong future for the next generations of Kiwis.

Epsom voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Norman Sutton.