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Paul Deacon

COVID-19 Response Spokesman

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Originally from England, Paul first came to New Zealand in 1992, settling here in 2003. Completing his education at Oxford University, he left England for a career with international bank HSBC, and has lived and worked in 8 overseas countries in the Far East, Middle East and Europe.

In 2003 Paul migrated to New Zealand, working briefly in Auckland, before moving to his current family home in Christchurch in 2004.  He likes to spend time in Queenstown when he can. After migrating to New Zealand, he trained to sing opera, but sadly this venture was cut short by illness.

Paul is currently Chairman of the Christchurch Disc Golf Club, a registered charity founded for community benefit.  He was Chairman of the New Zealand Disc Golf Association from 2019-2020.  Disc golf is the fastest growing sport in New Zealand.

He has long taken a quiet interest in electoral politics, but had not joined a political party until December 2021, when he joined the New Conservative party and was appointed their Spokesman for COVID-19 Response.