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Paul Hignett is the New Conservative candidate for Tauranga.

“As a nation, we have failed to find the balance between Government and the requirements for a life free of governmental interference, including the pursuit of those individual freedoms our forefathers fought for. I believe the New Conservative Party is positioned at the right place and time to correct this. I look forward to working with New Conservative and the people of New Zealand to help provide the solutions to the many vexing issues of our day.”

Having traveled the world for a number of years, Paul returned to New Zealand in the nineties.

While away, he gained much experience and an understanding of the world at large as well as a para-professional qualification in Crisis Counseling, spending years on a suicide crisis line working with the indigenous tribes of Northern British Columbia, Canada.

Paul was then contracted to Vancouver City where he designed and installed Post Disaster systems for police stations, fire halls and Red Cross blood centres.

Since returning to New Zealand, Paul has been an Electrical Contractor in the Bay of Plenty, and is married and living in Welcome Bay, outside of Tauranga.

He has been a keen shooting sports competitor and golfer for many years.

Having been interested in the progress and prosperity of New Zealand during his life, Paul now feels that he has matured and experienced life enough to involve himself in national politics due to the need for a better representation of the centre-right.

Tauranga voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Paul Hignett.