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Paul Sommer is the New Conservative Candidate for Tāmaki.

He has lived in central Auckland all his life, growing up in Remuera and the Eastern Bays. He attended Glendowie College, and later Unitec, for business and computer studies. He has four children and two grandchildren. His working career spans Airline Transportation (passenger and cargo), Tourism, Agriculture, Small Business as an owner-operator, Education (teaching) and Administration.

He is concerned where New Zealand is being led. He has noticed that the country elects a predominantly Labour or National government at each general election. Labour often brings many social and economic changes yet when National has the chance to overturn bad decisions by Labour, they change very little, so we slide little by little away from conservative freedom towards socialism with more and more government control.

Paul is passionate about New Conservative and their common sense policies. Doing away with unnecessary rules and regulations for example. He believes that we as a nation should set our own path in the world and not be dictated to by the United Nations and other global entities. Using our own resources instead of importing goods, raw materials, skilled labour and infrastructure. We have good resources right here in New Zealand both natural and human, let’s use them.

He specifically likes the Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda policy for important issues, where the people, not the politicians and technocrats, decide our future. We should be supporting Small Business and the Farming sector instead of making draconian laws that do nothing but hinder these important producers and consequently push up prices or sadly cause these business entities to fold.

Paul previously stood as a candidate for the Conservative Party in the 2013 Auckland local body elections. And he stood again as the Conservative candidate for Kelston in the 2014 General Election. In the 2017 General Election, he worked in a variety of supervisory positions for the Electoral Commission. This year, he is proud to be the New Conservative candidate for the Tamaki Electorate.

He enjoys exploring our beautiful country from the comfort of his motor home. A favourite pastime is spin fishing our lakes and rivers, and catching a salmon or trout is a bonus. He enjoys writing, follows cricket with a passion, and never misses an All Black game. He would like the freedom to continue doing these things.

Paul encourages all Auckland voters to check out New Conservative’s policies and make an informed decision in this election. Your vote will help determine where New Zealand will go in the next few years.

Tāmaki voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Paul Sommer.