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Philip Holder is the New Conservative candidate for Maungakiekie.

Philip is married with three adult children, and lives in Auckland.

He grew up on a dairy farm in the Far North. His Kaitaia schooling was followed by a degree in Literature and Philosophy and a certificate in Theology. 

His professional motto is “Systematising your business” and he relishes improving things and solving problems. 

Among other interests, he enjoys woodworking and studying history, and is interested in how nutrition affects people’s long-term health. He used to sail competitively and fly gliders.

Philip has been involved in prison ministry for over six years, and carries the hope of perennially declining prisoner numbers.

Philip got involved in New Conservative because of his concerns about the current government’s rushed passing of significant laws without proper review or debate, and ignoring people’s submissions. Examples include the surprise offshore oil and gas exploration ban, the sudden and extreme lockdowns, the draconian Covid-19 Public Health Response Act, and the demonstrably inhumane Abortion Legislation Act 2020. He concludes that the government’s strategy is to ban, reduce and control, rather than permit, expand and liberate. 

He values New Conservative’s wide-ranging policy, and he sees in the term ‘conservative’ the concept of preserving what is good for future generations. For years we’ve heard the refrain ‘diversity’, but whatever happened to ‘unity’?

He believes in restoring functional democracy, and having the phrase “We the People” still carry weight.  As he sees it, our forebears ultimately fought and died for our freedoms, and we honour them when we endeavour to preserve or win back those hard-won freedoms. He believes that governments ought to be held accountable for their actions and that every MP ought to regularly ponder the meaning of the designation ‘House of Representatives’.

Maungakiekie voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Philip Holder.