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Richard Hill is the New Conservative candidate for Hauraki-Waikato, one of New Zealand’s seven Maori electorates.

Richard is the proud father of seven children to his wife Melissa, who is also standing for New Conservative in the Ikaroa-Rāwhiti electorate.

His wife is the reason for his willingness and motivation over all these years to get up at strange hours of the morning and run two businesses. He adores her completely, and with her support, he feels there is nothing he cannot do. He also believes if we want to get this country moving again, we need strong men, strong women, and strong families. From reflecting on the importance of his own family, and then on the many people and families all throughout New Zealand, Richard has decided to enter into politics. If he is elected, two of his main focuses will be to help people to grow in whatever calling or vocation they may have, and to see New Zealand families become strong again.

Richard is standing for New Conservative in the Maori seat of Hauraki-Waikato with the sole purpose of working himself out of a job. He really wants to do this, because he believes many career politicians do an excellent job at keeping themselves employed, but do not do enough to create jobs for others.

Richard foresees that our nation is facing a great enemy, and that enemy does not come in the form of a virus — it comes to us in the form of poverty. Not the type of poverty where children go to school without breakfast because they didn’t want to eat their Weet-bix, but REAL poverty. Poverty where a person can no longer rely on others, because everyone around them is struggling. Richard believes this government’s reckless spending and borrowing to keep a false economy afloat will come to a head, and we are only just seeing the beginning of it. We face debt that even our grandchildren will be paying back. If we don’t do anything to curb government spending now, the future for our Tamariki is looking grimmer than the worst climate change computer model could ever simulate.

New Conservative consists of hardworking men and women, 80% of which have their own businesses. These are the kind of people who are more likely to have sound ideas on how to pay down our debt and get ourselves out of this hole than the government who put us into it.

Hauraki-Waikato voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Richard Hill.