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Riki Broughton is the New Conservative candidate for Waiariki, one of New Zealand’s seven Maori electorates.

Riki is 25 years old. He has been married to his wife Charity for five years, and he is currently pursuing a career in engineering. He works full time for an engineering outfit in South Waikato where he is learning engineering from the ground up.

A lot of the work he is involved in relates to dairy sheds and farming equipment. It is physically demanding but healthy, and no two days are the same. It involves a lot of travel, so Riki gets to see a lot of the Waikato region, a region with a lot of beautiful land and scenery. He also enjoys being able to meet a lot of people — people who help make up the nation of New Zealand.

Riki and Charity help vulnerable children who often have no stable family life. Through their work, they have met some super talented children and youth, and they have tried to show them love, joy, discipline, kindness, support and stability. They consider it an honor to be able to support and reach out to the future of this nation.

Riki and Charity are part of a local Christian church community. In their spare time, they enjoy ballroom dancing. They are trying to learn ‘Tongariro Tango’ at the moment, which gives them an opportunity to catch up with their community while giving the other locals a laugh. As well as dancing, Riki and his wife enjoy playing, writing and recording music.

Riki has had no previous involvement in politics. The reason for his decision to stand for New Conservative in the first place was its Leader and Deputy Leader’s willingness to stand for truth, facts and empirical statistics.

Since then, it has been about the way other candidates in the party have courage, integrity and accountability. They are not afraid to speak the truth, be that about biology, human conception or the tragedy of New Zealand’s abortion figures. And they are ready to stand for the protection of fundamental and objective human rights, even if that means being hated by the far left for it.

As the saying goes, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

And if not you, who?

And if not now, when?

Waiariki voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Riki Broughton.