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Simon Walmisley is the New Conservative candidate for Ilam.

Married to Nadine for 27 years, Simon’s family also includes three children, three chickens, a cat and a motorbike! He has always placed high value on family, and strongly believes it is still the best place to find the love, support, and sense of belonging we all need.

After finishing university, Simon spent several years working as a painter/decorator before retraining as a teacher. He initially spent 11 years in North Canterbury as Director of an alternative education programme, helping provide learning pathways for young people who could not find a place for themselves in mainstream education.

Simon has always had a heart for working with young people, enjoying both his time as a teacher and a youth leader in the Anglican Church.

After teaching for fifteen years, it was time for a change, so with his family’s support, Simon bought a small business which he has been managing for the last seven years. He has found being a small business owner challenging and rewarding, enjoying the opportunities that have arisen as a consequence of taking this risk.

Simon discovered New Conservative last year, via a television segment where party leader Leighton Baker was being interviewed. Impressed by what he heard, he took an interest in the party and its policies. He was surprised and pleased to find that there was a political party in New Zealand that felt the same way as he did about so many things.

New Conservative’s policies around issues like freedom of speech, the importance of the traditional family unit and their generally strong pro-life, and pro-NZ message, inspired him to join the party, and Simon is now excited to represent them as the candidate for Ilam.

Ilam voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Simon Walmisley.