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Announcing Solomon King, the New Conservative candidate for Dunedin.

Solomon is 20 years old, and spent the first 10 years of his life in the United States and the most recent 10 in New Zealand. He is currently enrolled in a business degree at Otago Polytechnic and works on a sheep and beef farm.

Solomon came to Otago from California. In California, his parents served the community by providing accommodation and work to people who had previously had criminal convictions. He and his family have seen firsthand how it is often the same negative influences that impact on people’s lives, livelihoods, their ability to function in society, communities, and economies.

In Dunedin, Solomon’s parents restored an old school house building in Brighton to establish a preschool, and Solomon has often helped out there. He is also part of a local church community, volunteers for the Red Frogs Support Network (an outreach programme for young people), and has done health and safety work for students and other youth in the area.

He is an active person. He has a keen interest in competitive sport, and has represented New Zealand in Olympic Wrestling in several competitions around the world, including the 2019 Oceania Wrestling Championships where he attained a silver medal.

He is also a practical person. In the South Otago area, he has worked on a number of farms and currently he works on a sheep and beef farm in the Milton area. For a year and a half, Solomon was also a nurse aide in Dunedin hospital.

Solomon has decided to stand as the New Conservative candidate for Dunedin for a variety of reasons. One reason is New Conservative’s justice policy around three stage sentencing. He believes if our justice system went more in this direction, it would give those serving sentences the opportunity to gain skills, knowledge and qualifications, putting them in better stead to rehabilitate successfully and integrate back into society. He also considers New Conservative’s drug policy to closely relate to this, as the community work that his parents did in California revealed time and time again that drug abuse and addiction were central to many problems. Another reason Solomon is standing for New Conservative is the importance of family—for individual people, for communities, and for nations.

Solomon encourages voters in Dunedin to give their party vote to New Conservative.