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Trevor Barfoote is the New Conservative candidate for Northland.

He has been married to his wife Cheryl for 25 years, and has four children.

Early in his career, he became qualified as a fitter-welder. His first job as a fitter-welder was at Dargaville Machinery. Three years later, he owned 20% of the company.

In 1989, Trevor moved from Dargaville to Whangarei, and started the construction company Barfoote Construction. 31 years later, the business is still thriving, and normally employs 70-80 staff at any time. Some of the company’s contracts have been in overseas countries, including: Chile, France, Germany, Spain, Tasmania, the United States and Uruguay. These contracts brought money into the New Zealand economy.

Trevor estimates that over three decades, Barfoote Construction has paid more than $100 million in wages. This provides a glimpse into the importance of a country’s private sector in providing employment and in generating wealth in an economy.

In the wake of Covid-19 lockdowns, Trevor is not impressed by Labour’s election promise to increase statutory holidays by one day and paid sick days by five days. This means if Labour got in again, businesses would be liable for more than two months’ of non-productive pay every year when factoring in 20 days of annual leave, 12 days statutory holidays and 10 days of sick leave.

Trevor is actively involved in his family’s 3000 acre farming operation, running dairy cattle, beef cattle, and sheep. His hobbies include riding motorbikes, clay bird shooting and hunting. On his property, Trevor and his family developed a wetland, which is one of ten significant wetlands in Northland. It is 40 acres in size, with 5.5 kilometres of waterway and 15,000 native trees (many of which they have planted).

Trevor has become more and more concerned with the increase in the breakdown of the family unit in society, with drug addictions and domestic issues flowing on into the workplace at an unprecedented level. Thinking about life growing up in the 1970s compared to raising his family in the present day, he realises how much we have lost as a nation. Not willing to stand back and pass this mess on to his children’s children, he has chosen to step up and stand as a candidate for New Conservative.

Trevor sees New Conservative as a party that represents most of the values that we have lost as a nation, so in the political sphere, he sees New Conservative as our only hope in helping to recover them.

Northland voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Trevor Barfoote.