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Victoria O’Brien

Deputy Leader

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Victoria O’Brien is the Deputy Leader for New Conservative.

She was born in Singapore and immigrated to NZ over 30 years ago. She holds degrees in Mathematics & Physics and has also had a career in finance with Goldman Sachs JBWere, TelstraClear, ANZ and others. Her background in private equity, investment banking and equities analysis, as well as investments in start-ups and running her own business, has given her a good understanding and appreciation for the challenges that the majority of businesses in NZ face.

Victoria is a competitive shooter, firearms range owner and beef farmer who lives in Auckland with her husband, parents and cats.

“The firearms community has been impacted by poor legislation and undemocratic process. New Conservative acknowledge this is a national issue that impacts not only gun owners but the way of life for many New Zealanders. It is a specialist issue and having a representative for the gun community is essential for New Conservative to deliver the best outcomes.”

Victoria is also a current and past NZ International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) Handgun Ladies Champion and has also won the title in Australia. She & her husband have represented NZ in IPSC championships in France and Indonesia and will be part of the NZ contingent again this November in the Philippines. They also use their firearms for pest control on their farm. As a farm owner & operator and one of the founding members of the Auckland Shooting Club, she is also a strong advocate for the responsible use of firearms and preservation of rural lifestyles.

Victoria is passionate about democracy, free speech and property rights. She loves the NZ way of life and embraces its diversity and freedoms. Her childhood in Asia and subsequent travels to other countries, including a few years living in Australia, have made her very appreciative of NZ and the need to protect its uniqueness.