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Warren Butterworth is the New Conservative candidate for the Wairarapa.

Born in Cambridge, where his parents were school teachers, Warren grew up in the farming district Northland, before moving to Auckland to study law at Auckland University.

Warren has had an extensive career in law as a senior partner, practising in both criminal and civil courts, with a focus lately on commercial law.

He’s a strong advocate for family values; married to Karen, an artist and former art lecturer, for 40 years; with three children and five grandchildren.

Warren has always been passionate about building better communities; working to create opportunities where people can thrive, whilst preserving and protecting the environment in which we live.

His involvement in the Te Uri O Hau Charitable Trust for Maori education; Tongariro River Charitable Trust for protection and restoration of the river environment, the Maungaturoto Community Charitable Trust – a rest home, medical centre, retirement village and dementia facility, all signal his desire to ensure people of all ages and backgrounds are supported.

His role on the sub committee of the Auckland District Law Society, the Prisoner’s Advocacy section and work in the area of rehabilitation and restorative justice, underpins his desire to see a legal system that promotes better societal outcomes.

Warren is a keen fly fisherman and has a strong interest in farming – having come from four generations of farmers in Northland – where he owns a small cattle farm.

He is also very interested in the wine industry, being a descendent of one of New Zealand’s early vintners – and is a part-owner of a vineyard in Martinborough.

He is a long-time supporter of grass-roots sport, having served on the Auckland and New Zealand Rugby Unions and served as the club solicitor at West End Rowing Club for 20 years.

He is a proud New Zealander, who cares deeply about creating a positive society in which all Kiwis can thrive.

His support of the New Conservative party is founded on creating policies where farming and businesses will prosper, the family unit is supported, and the environment protected for generations to come.

Wairarapa voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Warren Butterworth.