Terms & Conditions - New Conservative NZ

Terms & Conditions

1. Generally.

Member agrees to pay the fees established for its Membership on a regular basis (but at least once every three years), as may be amended from time to time in accordance with the Constitution.
Member shall not be a Member of any other political party. No dual membership is permitted.
No internal New Conservative communication will be passed onto any other person working for another party.

2. Compliance with Policies.

Member agrees to abide by, and shall have all applicable rights and obligations as set forth in the Constitution, the Privacy Policy, the New Conservative Principles (as outlined under “We Stand For” on the website) and any and all additional policies and procedures adopted by New Conservative, including the understanding that:
“New Zealand culture is Western Culture, the combination of Democracy and Judeo/Christian principles, which includes personal accountability and corporate responsibility. This provides the freedoms, the fairness, and the environment to flourish that our nation is renowned for. New Conservative will uphold these foundational principles of our nation.”

3. Suspension and Termination.

As per the Constitution, New Conservative shall have the right to suspend participation, or cancel the membership, of Member if it:
(i) fails to pay its fees on time, or
(ii) violates any of New Conservative’s Policies and Principles and fails to correct that breach within ten (10) days of notice from New Conservative leadership or staff, or
(iii) substantially, flagrantly or repeatedly violates any of New Conservative’s Policies or Principles.
No refunds of Membership fees or other payments will be given.

4. New Conservative Message.

New Conservative is not a party of tolerance. New Conservative stands for what is right, proper, decent, and moral, and will oppose strongly but respectfully anything that isn’t. Comment must be consistent with party policy and public opinion critical of party policy is not permitted. If Member finds itself in conflict with New Conservative’s policies in its own conscience, it needs to discuss this with New Conservative Leadership. The message of New Conservative must be consistent.