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Below we have a selection of video clips from TV interviews and also clips New Conservative has prepared from time to time.

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Leighton points out that that the active component of Cannabis is THC which is a mind-altering substance. He points out that Colorado in the US which has liberalised cannabis laws has seen an increase in the level of THC from 0.2% in the 1960's to now 98% pure. There are now myriads of ways THC is being marketing including children's lollies. Once cannabis is legalised our youth will take it and this will add to the current societal problems. His example is the building industry of which he is familiar and where safety is paramount with workers using drugs and compromising their own and others' safety. 

Leighton speaking on Cannabis Legalisation. August, 2019

Leighton Baker


Leighton speaks about his background in the building industry helping and mentoring other younger tradesmen, making a difference in their lives. We believe education is the best tool to reduce crime and to diversify education using a trade training school. For problem youth, we believe Youth Farms are the answer. These remove troubled youth from their toxic environment and gives them life skills. For those where prison is the only answer, we have a three-stage sentencing policy. The first stage is prisoners working in prison then completing a personalised education program and finally stage three is work to release. 

Leighton speaking on Justice. August, 2019

Leighton Baker


Leighton appeals to all NZ's who are concerned about the poor direction we are heading. We want to change the narrative and aim for a nation that is FREE, FAIR & FLOURISHING. We urge you to get behind us, check out our policies and help us to change NZ for the better. We need funding to move forward as we are self funded, relying on the power of many rather than reliant on one person contributing. Our appeal is to achieve 24 24 20 20. We are seeking people to donate $20 per week to achieve 20% of the vote in the 2020 NZ General Election. We are aiming high and these funds will allow a full time leader traveling around the country.

Leighton speaking on our Funding Appeal. August, 2019

Leighton Baker


Leighton states that we need to stop crime before it happens rather than solve it at the end. We need to find the causation of crime through research. We need to research in prisons where we will find common denominators such as the single-parent family. A lot of people in prison have grown up without a mum and dad and we need to recognize the problems that cause broken families. These factors lead to all sorts of social ills including poverty, violence, child abuse etc. 

Leighton speaking on Family. August, 2019

Leighton Baker


 Leighton talks on how the current Government is more and more affecting our lives with more liberal regulations. New Conservative believes Binding Citizens Initiated Referendum is necessary to maintain a balance in our democracy. It is a necessary tool to hold the Government to account. An example of our democracy suffering is the latest gun control regulations where the Government forced through a Bill that was hurried and with little public consultation.   

Leighton speaking on Democracy. August, 2019

Leighton Baker


We believe hard-earned taxpayers money is better well spent looking for solutions to pollution and other environmental ills including climate change. Carbon credits are a wasted effort as we have little ability to control our planet. An environmental solution example is to invest in building animal pest traps instead of dropping 1080 poisons.

Leighton speaking on Climate Pollution. August, 2019

Leighton Baker

Our freedoms are being constantly eroded. Freedom of speech is one of the latest targets for those who want to be the only ones who are allowed to speak. If people can’t control their own emotions, then they have to try and control others behaviour. Listen to our Leader's message on this.

Leighton's Thoughts on the Freedoms we enjoy and treasure. May 29, 2019

Leighton Baker

Leighton speaks about the fruitless pursuit of carbon credits and the enormous amount of money we spend on that annually, and offers suggestions on what we could be doing instead to bring real change to the world.

Carbon Credits and the ETS

Leighton Baker

Elliot was invited to join the Panel on the TV1 Morning Breakfast show where he discussed NZ Trade with China, The teacher strikes, Climate change and Lime Scooters. Watch the video of Elliot here.

On the Breakfast Panel TV1 Feb 15th, 2019

Elliot Ikilei

Leighton speaks to the crowd gathered in the Christchurch Square to make their opposition to the secret signing of the UN Compact on Migration by the current government.

Speaking at the protest rally in Christchurch re UN Migration Pact Feb 2, 2019

Leighton Baker

Elliot speaks at the demonstration opposing the signing of this document held in Auckland on Feb 2nd, 2019. It is another step to undermining our national sovereignty and our western culture.

On UN Global Compact on Migration Feb 2nd 2019

Elliot Ikilei

Leighton is interviewed on Radio Live on various topics from previous leaders to same sex marriage, but the real reason for the interview was the call to peg MPs' salaries to the average wage.

Radio Live Interview with Mark Sainsbury 12th Dec 2018

Leighton Baker

Elliot debates as Leader of the Affirmative Team, along side Dr. Don Brash, in the Think Big Free Speech Debate at the University of Auckland.

On Free Speech, in New Zealand

Elliot Ikilei


Even though underrepresented Elliot was one of 5 interviewees discussing the Southern/Molyneux fiasco and why they too should enjoy Free Speech, on the TV show 'Sunday'

TV show 'Sunday' TV One, Aug 5, 2018

Elliot Ikilei

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