Why Vote for NC? - New Conservative NZ

Why Vote for NC?

Other Reasons


New Conservative has a focus on strengthening the family unit and incentivising the development of healthy families in our country rather than penalising them. No party in parliament has been doing this.


We will make the first $20,000 of people’s incomes tax-free will give low-income earners more spendable income, and this will in turn stimulate the economy.  Income splitting will also reduce tax for many New Zealanders. No party in parliament is offering income splitting.

We Say “No” to Gender Ideology in Schools

The children of New Zealand are not a social engineering experiment for the state or for fanatical left wing lobby groups. There are two genders (men and women) because there are two sexes (male and female). We will remove gender ideology from all education programmes, including “Mates & Dates.” No party in parliament is willing to stand up to this.


New Conservative will return the killing of innocent and defenseless unborn children to the Crimes Act where it belongs through a Binding Referendum. No party in parliament is interested in addressing this.


The government needs to listen to the people. We will make ALL referenda binding and make the initiation of referendums easier for the public. No party in parliament is interested in improving direct democracy options for voters.

We Say “No” to International Climate Change Rorts

New Conservative will scrap the Emissions Trading Scheme and the Zero Carbon Act and will get New Zealand out of Paris 2015 agreement and other related UN agendas.

Pollution Solutions

New Conservative will replace the use of 1080 with efficient trapping, luring, and hunting. We will focus on clean air, drinkable water and fertile soil, and invest in and provide incentives for carrying out research and development in these areas.

We Say “No” to Racial and Ethnic Separatism in New Zealand

We are one people, and deserving of equality under the law. New Conservative will curb the separatism we are seeing creeping into our nation through ill-conceived left wing identity politics and misuse of the Treaty of Waitangi. No party in parliament is bold enough to oppose this.


We will implement a temporary “Net Zero Immigration” policy, for a period determined by the time taken to ease the housing demand. After this, we aim to welcome those who can invest in us and stay here long-term, so they can fully integrate into our communities. We will also work with NZ-based NGOs operating in troubled zones to identify refugees who are more closely aligned with our nation’s values, and fill our refugee quota with these people rather than accepting the UN allotment. 

Agriculture and Other Primary Industries

New Conservative will prevent more land being sold to foreign buyers. 10 percent already is 10 percent too much. We call for no more strategic agri-business sales to foreigners. We will overhaul the RMA and the recent Fresh Water Management Plan. No party in parliament is fighting for this.

Small Business

We will boost small businesses by cutting job-killing regulations and other red tape, and we will support employers.


We will give parents choice in their children’s education, and we will bring back Charter schools. We will also introduce trade training at year 9 in schools.


We will see to it that rehabilitation is the major focus of incarceration in order to reduce recidivism. We will also focus more on supporting the victims of crime, which has not been done enough by the most recent government.